Benchmark Prescription Drug Plans

Basic Medicare Part D plans with monthly premiums below the California average are referred to as benchmark plans. The premium for these plans in California is $40.98 in 2024. The Extra Help/Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) program covers the premium and deductible of benchmark plans. This means you do not pay a premium or deductible if you receive the Extra Help/LIS benefit and enroll in a benchmark plan. You are, however, still responsible for copayments of $4.50-$11.20 for each covered prescription.

NOTE: Other presciption drug plans may have premiums below the benchmark amount, but they don’t qualify as benchmark plans because their benefits are enhanced, that is, better than the basic Part D benefit. This means you would pay a reduced premium if you enroll in a non-benchmark plan but you would still have the rest of the Extra Help benefit, i.e. no deductible and the low copayments. See a complete description of plans.

Benchmark Plans for 2024

Cigna Secure Rx

Clear Spring Health Value Rx – SANCTIONED and prohibited from accepting new enrollees. Will terminate 12/31/24

Wellcare Classic