Call HICAP: 1-800-434-0222

HICAP offices are located throughout California.
Schedule an appointment to see a counselor at your local HICAP office. If you are homebound, a HICAP counselor can come see you in your home.

HICAP (the Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program) offers free, one-on-one Medicare counseling. Trained volunteer counselors can answer your questions and help you understand your Medicare rights and benefits, including how to appeal denials of coverage; Medicare supplemental insurance (Medigap policies); Medicare Advantage plans; employee and retiree coverage; and long-term care insurance. Legal help and representation at Medicare appeals or administrative hearings are also available.

HICAP provides free educational presentations on Medicare and related topics. Call your local HICAP to schedule a presentation or find out about one happening in your area.

HICAP counselors do not sell, recommend, or endorse any insurance product, agent, insurance company, or health plan.

The California Department of Aging administers this volunteer-supported program and CHA supports the HICAPs through trainings, technical assistance and up-to-date consumer materials, including our website and fact sheets.