Your Handy Tips to Avoid Medicare Fraud

Your Handy Tips to Avoid Medicare Fraud

Yes, Medicare scammers try all kinds of tactics to get your identity and Medicare’s money. Yet, while the color and flavor of these tactics may vary, if you follow these simple tips, you can spot and avoid most any Medicare fraud scheme.  A dynamic duo, two of our dedicated Senior Medicare Patrol volunteers serving in Kings and Tulare counties, Joyce and David Rugeroni put together this short, handy list of reminders.


This is a pic of them below – Joyce on the left and David on the right.


Handy Tips to Avoid Medicare Fraud

Anytime you are asked for your Medicare information the product is not FREE

Never confirm your Medicare card information on the phone to strangers

Guard your Medicare card as you would your credit card or ATM card

Never return cards asking you to confirm your Medicare information

Asking for your bank account information is not part of Medicare

Beware of anything Medicare related which looks too good

Do not discuss Medicare with a door-to-door salesman

Do not accept gifts in return for Medicare information

Medicare NEVER phones you or comes to you

Remember nothing in Medicare is FREE

Guard your Medicare Card

See the Medicare Fraud section of our website for more information on ways to protect yourself from and how to detect it. If you come across any suspicious activity, please report it to our Senior Medicare Patrol at 1-855-613-7080.

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