What’s a “Medicare Agent”?

Too often we’ve come across insurance agents misleadingly calling themselves “Medicare agents,” as a way to give themselves more credibility. Agents are to represent themselves with their associated Medicare health plan name. They are NOT Medicare agents. If you or someone you know, comes across such a situation, call our California Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) at 855-613-7080. If you or someone you know wants to explore their Medicare options, contact your local Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program (HICAP) at 800-434-0222. HICAP provides free, unbiased counseling and advocacy on Medicare and relate health care options.

Claire Pisching, our SMP Liaison for the Fresno/Madera HICAP recently warned a service coordinator about such “Medicare” agents, and prevented such an agent from coming to give a misleading presentation for the residents. Go SMP!