Resources on Medicare, Other Health Care Programs & Links to CA Tribal Clinics

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Resources on Medicare, Other Health Care Programs & Links to CA Tribal Clinics

Downloadable Brochures on Medicare

Medicare & Other Available Government Health Care Programs

COVID-19 Resources

  • Indian Health Services – their COVID pages include FAQs, news, resources for tribes, and contacts
  • Elder Mental Health During COVID-19 – from Indian Health Services
  • COVID-19 Resources for Indian Country – information and resources from the National Congress of American Indians
  • National Indian Council on Aging – COVID resources page
  • Administration for Native Americans COVID-19 resource page
  • Reminder: Testing for COVID-19 is covered under MedicareMedicaid, and Marketplace plans. Moreover, both Medicare and Medicaid cover telehealth services even when the provider and patient are at home and not in a clinic or other health care setting. Note that telehealth services include preventive health screenings and mental health counseling and do not need to be related to COVID-19. Here’s a fact sheet with some basic info on COVID-19.
  • Public Service Announcements – Share these brief audio clips and videos that promote good self care of physical, emotional and mental health and resources available through Indian Health Services. These are available in 10 Native languages and English, and can be shared on your local radio station, website, and Facebook page.
  • Public Health Training – The National Indian Health Board (NIHB) created this interactive e-course to help strengthen public health infrastructure, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, and improve delivery of essential services. The course is intended for tribal leaders and tribal advisory committee members.

Tribal Health Care Clinics in California

CMS Serving American Indians & Alaskan Natives in California – this Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services handout lists contact info for many tribal clinics across state and has a list of all the Indian health clinic names throughout the state

Organizations Serving Tribal Nation Elders

News & Updates

  • Share Your Story – The National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) is looking for American Indian and Alaska Native elders to speak about the experiences that have made them who they are today. You can submit your written story or schedule an interview on Zoom.
  • How A Company Misappropriated Native American Culture To Sell Health Insurance – Maine investigators find one patient’s saga with O’NA HealthCare offers a cautionary tale for anyone looking for cut-rate coverage online. California has banned the sale of this type of short-term health insurance plan. But, if you do find some health insurance offer that seems too good to be true, check with the California Department of Insurance  to make sure it is a legitimate company before purchasing. You can also contact us at
  • Join the #ConnectedIndigenousElder Campaign. Read our article: Socially Connected Elders Live Longer. This campaign is to spread awareness and encourage caregivers, youth and tribal leaders to take actions that directly lift up, support and connect with their elders. This campaign encourages them to honor their elders as the culture keepers, language speakers, teachers, mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers and uncles, family and cherished relatives they are. Also check out and share these ways to love our elders: Love Your Elders (PDF). 
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