— Alexandra M.

I am writing this letter because I have been struggling with my aging parents health care. Trying to navigate through Medicare , Medical, and secondary insurances , has been the most difficult thing to deal with. Frankly, it is overwhelming and confusing. In trying to do what’s best for my parents health care I made bad decisions and mistakes. I was given the number to HICAP/PASSAGES and was blessed to speak with Tatiana Fassieux. Her expertise , knowledge and Ability to explain to me what to do was an incredible, emotional relief.

HICAP/PASSAGES Organization provides a necessary service. Tatiana Fassieux and Sandy Morales of California Health Advocates/SMP, their ability to navigate through Medicare and help our elderly population is a necessity. I do not know how to emphasize how important this organization is. I was also provided with valuable resource numbers to further help me care for my elderly parents.

HICAP/PASSAGES Organization, Tatiana Fassieux and Sandy Morales of California Health Advocates/SMP have made my parents whole and I am forever grateful.



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