Take the Stop Senior Scams℠ Pop Quiz

Take the Stop Senior Scams℠ Pop Quiz

Our partners, the Stop Senior Scams℠ Acting Program (SSSAP) recently put together this pop quiz as a fun way to test your knowledge on current scams. Our Senior Medicare Patrol collaborates with this dynamic troupe of actors ages 68-100 who perform senior scams skits, including our SMP superhero and Medicare fraud skits, throughout Southern California.

Enjoy taking this quiz. The answer key is below…

Stop Senior Scams℠ Pop Quiz

1. You’ve been suffering with back pain for awhile and wonder what to do about it.  Then, you see a TV ad that says you can get a back brace for “free” if you have Medicare.  All you have to do is call a toll free number, give them your Medicare card number, and they’ll take care of all the details!  It sounds almost too good to be true.  What is your plan of action?

a.Take advantage of this incredible offer!  Call the toll free number and give them my Medicare card number right away!

b. Contact my doctor and talk with her / him about solutions for my back pain.

c. Eat a box of chocolates.

d. None of the above.

e. All of the above.

2. You get a phone call from someone who claims to be a friend of your grandchild.  The caller tells you that your grandchild is in jail in a foreign country for a DUI, and needs you to send $2,500 for bail right away.  What should you do?

a. Follow the instructions of the caller and send the money.

b. Hang up the phone.

c. Report the call to the Federal Trade Commission.

d. Call a family member to check status of your loved one.

e. None of the above.

3. You receive a letter in the mail that says you’ve won a prize of $10,000!  All you have to do is send them $600 in processing fees to collect your prize.  What should you do?

a. Send them a check for $600 right away.

b. If the prize is from a foreign lottery (illegal in USA), notify my local postmaster.

c. Tell friends and family about my good fortune and start taking them out for extravagant dinners to celebrate.

d. If the prize does not involve a foreign lottery, report it to the Federal Trade Commission as a scam.

e. None of the above.

4. You receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS.  The caller says you owe back taxes and if you don’t pay immediately via prepaid card or wire, you could be arrested and your property confiscated.  What do you do?

a. Send them the money.

b. Give them my Social Security Number to verify my account.

c. Hang up the phone.

d. Ask for the caller’s number and call them back.

e. None of the above.

5. Indications that a “mystery shopper” job is a scam are:

a. Advertises under the “help wanted” section of the newspaper or by email.

b. Mandates you pay a fee to become “certified.”

c. Charges a fee to gain access to mystery shopping job opportunities.

d. Gives you a guarantee they’ll find you a job as a mystery shopper.

e. Asks you to deposit a check and then wire money to a third party.

f. All of the above.

6. Someone from Medicare calls you on the phone and says your Medicare card has expired.  All you have to do is give them your Medicare card number and they’ll have a new card in the mail to you within two weeks.  What do you do?

a. Give them my Medicare card number and wait for my new Medicare card to arrive in the mail.

b. Hang up the phone.

c. Contact the Senior Medicare Patrol.

d. All of the above.

e. None of the above.


Medicare Fraud?  Contact the Senior Medicare Patrol at 1-855-613-7080.  If you feel you have been the target or victim of a scam, contact the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357 or https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-1.

ANSWER KEY: 1. b   2. b, c and d   3. b and d   4. c   5. f   6. b and c

Remember: You may be a target, but you don’t have to be a victim!

Article written by Sherry McCoy of SSSAP.

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