SMP Superheroes in Action! Humorous Skits Educate Public on Medicare Fraud

Be entertained by our Senior Medicare Patrol superheros in action! As there is a lot of fear, scary news and doom and gloom reports regarding scams, we thought is was time to turn up the joy and fun factor and spread our message with some humor and a dose of silliness. That is where our SMP superheroes come in! Below are 2 short skits highlighting:

  • a common back brace scam that uses large newspaper ads to promote “free, Medicare-covered back braces” to lure beneficiaries to give them their Medicare number
  • a genetic testing and ice cream social scam.

Our SMP volunteer liaisons help “save the day” in many ways for their clients, sometimes through resolving cases and sometimes just by being the one who listens to their story, gives them peace of mind and a return of wellbeing knowing their situation is being addressed. They are real life superheroes, and help empower their peers to become their own superheroes too. Enjoy the skits and some good laughs! And please share! 🙂

View Back Brace Scam skit script

View Genetic Testing and Ice Cream Social Scam skit script

You can also view these and other SMP skits on our website.