Medicare Fraud

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What is Medicare Fraud?

Some other common examples of fraud and abuse include:

  • Providing unsolicited supplies to beneficiaries and then charging Medicare
  • Misrepresenting a diagnosis, a beneficiary’s identity, the service provided, or other facts to justify payment
  • Prescribing or providing excessive or unnecessary tests and services
  • Violating the participating provider agreement with Medicare by refusing to bill Medicare for covered services or items and billing the beneficiary instead
  • Offering or receiving a kickback (bribe) in exchange for a beneficiary’s Medicare number
  • Requesting Medicare numbers at an educational presentation or in an unsolicited phone call
  • Routinely waiving co-insurance or deductibles. Waivers are only allowed on a case-by-case basis where there is a financial hardship, not as an incentive to attract business.

Fraud Alerts

Fraud Materials

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Fraud PSAs

Harm to Beneficiaries

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Medical Identity Theft

Harm to Health

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Personal Financial Losses

See “Fraud Examples” for more information.