Senior Acting Troupe Ages 60-98 Uses Humor to Educate on Medicare Fraud

Senior Acting Troupe Ages 60-98 Uses Humor to Educate on Medicare Fraud

What better way to learn about Medicare fraud than through humor and laughter?! The Stop Senior Scams Acting Program℠ does just that with all their members ages 60-98! Founded by director Adrienne Omansky in 1997, the Southern California-based SSSAP gives 40-50 performances a year at senior facilities, fraud prevention symposiums, churches, synagogues, libraries, community centers and more. Their actors write the skits based on their own experiences and that of others that have been victims. The scenarios are then researched and explained in each skit by 2 former judges.

Last spring our California Senior Medicare Patrol began a collaboration with Adrienne and her team. At our spring conference, our SMP Superheroes and the SSSAP troupe joined forces to create a great show of Medicare fraud skits. Below are a few of the skits: Brace Yourself (a skit on Medicare knee brace scam, Getting to Know You (on medical identity theft), and our feature one, Superheroes Address Part D Fraud. More are posted on our website. Please enjoy and share!

Brace Yourself ~ Funny Skit on Medicare Knee Brace Scam

This skit performed by the Stop Senior Scams Acting Program℠ highlights a common Medicare durable equipment (DME) scam, where someone is advertising a FREE knee brace to anyone who has Medicare. All you need to do is call their number and give them your Medicare number.

Getting to Know You ~ Funny Skit on Medical ID Theft

Medical ID theft is a serious matter, but learning about it through a humorous skit and how to protect yourself is fun! This skit, performed by the Stop Senior Scams Acting Program℠ with troupe members ages 60-98, highlights the problem of Medicare card theft and medical identity theft. Help put an end to senior health care fraud. Enjoy and share!

SMP Superheroes Address Part D Fraud ~ Collaborative Skit!

Our Senior Medicare Patrol Superhero team meets in Los Angeles, one of our national fraud hotspots, to discuss and devise a plan to address Part D prescription drug fraud. Through good humor, this skit educates people on 4 main types of Part D fraud, what to look for and how to report it. This skit performance was done in collaboration with the great Stop Senior Scams℠ Acting Program (SSSAP). We also have an audio file (mp3) and script. Enjoy and please share!

More Medicare fraud videos and skits are on our website! 🙂

And below are some more pictures of superheroes in action all over Southern California!


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