Self Defense Tips for COVID-19 Scams & Healthcare Fraud

Self Defense Tips for COVID-19 Scams & Healthcare Fraud

These tips below provides a quick summary of what to watch for and how to protect yourself from COVID-19 scams and healthcare fraud. You can also download it as a one-page tip sheet.

Also watch the recording of our recent webinar: COVID Scams & Healthcare Fraud – Updated with New Information!

Self Defense Tips for COVID-19 Scams & Healthcare Fraud

  • Don’t give your Medicare number to anyone over the phone or to door to door solicitors offering to test for the Coronavirus COVID 19
  • Beware of door to door solicitors, robocalls selling virus test kits, supplies, vaccines or treatments
  • Do not give out your Medicare number, social security number or other personal information in response to unsolicited emails, calls, texts, home visits or booths at health fairs
  • Know that Medicare will never call you for your Medicare # or Social Security #
  • Watch out for fraudulent cures, therapies – Check with
  • Ignore offers for vaccines and scam contact tracing calls
  • Watch out for phishing emails, texts claiming to be from experts
  • Hang up on robocallers
  • Carefully research charities, investment opportunities
  • Be cautious when ordering medical supplies
    • Do not give your Medicare # to strangers
    • Ask your own doctor to assess your condition and prescribe equipment
    • Refuse equipment, supplies received from unknown source
  • Beware telemarketers selling health plans
  • Verify telehealth appointments with your own doctor
  • Review medical statements for errors, fraudulent billing
    • Check for date of service; provider name; service description
  • Keep current with Medicare, COVID 19 scams and healthcare fraud (
  • Report fraud to our California Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) – 855-613-7080. If you’re in another state, contact your state’s SMP here:
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