Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescription Drugs (Medicare Part D)

Medicare Part D is an optional prescription drug insurance program available to everyone who has Medicare, regardless of income or health status. Private companies provide the insurance coverage, you choose the drug plan and pay a monthly premium. We’ve compiled information on this drug benefit, resources for choosing a plan and financial assistance to help cover drug costs for qualified beneficiaries.

In this section:

  1. Prescription Drug Coverage: An Overview

    Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit, its coverage and the types of plans offering this coverage.

  2. Enrollment in Medicare Part D

  3. Extra Help with Part D Costs for People with Low Income

    Medicare’s “Extra Help” program, also known as the Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) program, assists those who qualify to cover the cost of their Part D drug plan premiums, deductibles and copayments.

  4. Resources

    Information about choosing a Part D plan and saving money on prescription drugs, tips on finding a Part D plan that best meets your needs and cost-saving strategies.