New Website Provides One-Stop Source on California Medicare Information

New Website Provides One-Stop Source on California Medicare Information

Sacramento, CA — “Giving the best of both in one for Californians” is the goal of the newly launched website for California Health Advocates (CHA). Previously, CHA hosted two separate websites: the now-retired CalMedicare site for beneficiaries, and the other for health care professionals. CHA’s new website ( serves both groups with:

  • Up-to-date information about Medicare benefits for Californians, and
  • Technical information and resources for professionals working directly with California’s Medicare beneficiaries.

“Creating a single ‘full-service’ website allows us to expand our educational and advocacy services to a much broader audience,” said David Lipschutz, CHA Interim President/CEO. “Medicare consumers visiting our site for Medicare information will now also learn of our educational events, trainings, technical resources, and current Medicare news articles. Similarly, Medicare advocates and other professionals, who only used our technical site in the past, will have immediate access and exposure to our Medicare coverage information which they and their clients can use.”

For example, a beneficiary with end stage renal disease (ESRD) visiting CHA’s site for information on ESRD Medicare coverage, can also find a recent news article on available Medicare Advantage demonstration plans for people with ESRD, and Medicare fact sheets on coverage rights, including rights specific to Californians.

“The big state of California deserves a dedicated website for its 4.4 million Medicare covered residents, both young and old,” said Janet Van Deusen, Program Manager for Alameda County Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program (HICAP). “Not only does California have the largest number of Medicare beneficiaries in the nation, but also has several state laws giving added protections and rights to California’s Medicare beneficiaries that other sites such as do not explain.”

Supported by the California HealthCare Foundation, CHA’s new website contains accurate, unbiased information specific to California on Medicare basics (eligibility, enrollment, costs, and coverage), ways to supplement Medicare coverage, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare appeals, and Medicare coverage for people with disabilities. It also has information on options for obtaining Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, and programs for people with low incomes.

CHA’s easy-to-navigate home page also provides direct access to:

  • Medicare fact sheets;
  • News articles on Medicare topics;
  • Alerts, press releases and actions in policy and advocacy;
  • Educational workshops, webcasts, and training tools; and
  • California Medicare Coalition events, a meeting place for individuals and agencies serving and advocating on behalf of people with Medicare.
  • Visitors can sign up for CHA’s quarterly newsletter, California Medicare News, and receive updates on our policy briefs, California Medicare Coalition events and upcoming educational trainings.

Visit for information on Medicare coverage for Californians and resources for professionals working with California’s Medicare population.

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California Health Advocates is dedicated to Medicare beneficiary advocacy and education efforts for Californians. (

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Karen Fletcher
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