New Online Community Offers Support to Veterans

New Online Community Offers Support to Veterans

Yesterday, on Veterans’ Day 11/11/08, Vietnam veteran, John Campbell launched a new web-based community called MyVetwork, aimed at providing support to veterans and their communities.

Campbell, Founder and CEO of this non-profit social networking site, found it challenging to locate information about support for himself and his family when returning from Vietnam. As a way to help remedy this situation for new and retired veterans, their families and supporters, Campbell created this online community to connect people with information, services, and an easily-accessible community. In brief, this social networking site both:

  1. Provides US military and those who care about them with a way to interact with and support each other in ways that range from lighthearted to meaningful, long-lasting communication; and
  2. Creates an interactive exchange where a broad variety of experts – including veterans of earlier conflicts – provide timely news on military matters, job and career advice, information on educational opportunities, and advice regarding health care.

For more information on Veterans health care benefits and how they work with Medicare coverage, see our new fact sheet, “Medicare and Veterans Administration Medical Benefits Package.”

Karen Fletcher
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