New Guide to Long-Term Care Available in CA –

New Guide to Long-Term Care Available in CA –

More than one million Californians, including adults, children with disabilities, and the elderly, used some type of long-term care (LTC) service in 2007. This number is projected to rise exponentially as the population ages and the number of working-age people with disabilities grows.

To address this growing population, the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) recently launched a new website rating thousands of the state’s long-term care providers on a wide range of quality of care measures — information that will help consumers and their families make important choices in the planning of their health care.

The free online service,, rates the care provided by nursing homes, hospice programs, and home health agencies, where data is available to evaluate performance. The site also provides information on many other kinds of long-term care, including assisted living, retirement communities, and day care options. features an easy-to-use “Long Term Care Assistant” tool that helps consumers choose among long-term care options by asking 10 simple questions.

This website is completely independent with no commercial relationships that might bias ratings systems. The data are collected exclusively from federal and state agencies.

Here’s some frequently asked questions (PDF) about this new tool.

See our Long-Term Care section for more information in general on LTC and LTC insurance.

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