New Medicare Fraud PSAs Available in English and Spanish

New Medicare Fraud PSAs Available in English and Spanish

The Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) project nationwide is launching its spring media campaign today to promote fraud awareness, detection and prevention. One of the new tools available is a 60-second public service announcement (PSA) viewable in English and Spanish. (See below).

Some of the other tools now posted on include:

  • Frequently asked questions about what to look for when reviewing Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs) or Part D Explaination of Benefits.
  • Stop health care fraud posters, flyers and fact sheets to help you educate others about SMP and fraud prevention by displaying these resources in your office, community centers, senior centers, etc.
  • Media training resources. These teach you how to to best use and collaborate with your local media resources to reach large populations. Resources include:  a media placement webinar which reviews how to identify media outlets; tips on composing one’s introductory pitch to media contacts; tips on writing op-ed pieces for coverage; and advice on media interviews and getting key SMP messages heard.

For California specific SMP and fraud info, see our Medicare Fraud section. If you’re interested in volunteering with your local SMP program and actively contributing to fraud detectiona and prevention, contact your local SMP at 800-434-0222.


Karen Fletcher
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