Fact Sheets

Available via an annual subscription, our 32 fact sheets cover 9 different Medicare and other health insurance topics. Those fact sheets pertaining to Long-Term Care include:

  • Options for Financing Long-Term Care(H-001)
  • An Overview of Long-Term Care Insurance (H-002)
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Long-Term Care Insurance(H-003)

Websites and other resources:

AARP Report: Comparing Long-Term Care Insurance Policies: Bewildering Choices for Consumers
Authored by Bonnie Burns of California Health Advocates, this report reviews the long-term care (LTC) insurance options available to consumers and offers helpful recommendations.
Administration for Community Living
ACL advocates across the federal government for older adults, people with disabilities, and families and caregivers; funds services; manages programs; and invests in training, education, research and innovation. 
Advance Planning Guides for People Living with Dementia
The National Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resource Center created a series of consumer guides to help people living with dementia and their family members or other care partners know what to plan for and how to get started. The guides cover 4 topics: 1) health care planning; 2) financial planning; 3) care planning; and 4) supporting someone living with dementia in making decisions.
California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR)
1-800-474-1116 Offers consumer information on nursing homes, Medi-Cal, LTC, pre-placement counseling, quality of care and pension rights counseling.
California Association of Area Agencies on Aging (C4A)
Services and programs for older adults and people with disabilities, including LTC services. Website includes each county’s Area Agencies on Aging.
California Department of Aging
Oversees programs for older adults, people with disabilities, caregivers and LTC facility residents. Website includes Taking Care of Tomorrow, a booklet about LTC options. Available in English and Spanish.
California Department of Insurance
Offers consumer information on LTC insurance and a rate guide for companies selling LTC insurance.
California Medicare News
Variety of current articles on Medicare-related topics, including LTC.
California Nursing Home Guide
Provides information on all available nursing homes in California. This guide is produced and maintained by CANHR and was the first computerized nursing home information system in the country.
California Partnership for Long-Term Care
1-800-227-3445 Information on LTC insurance, including Partnership policies.
California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS)
1-800-982-1775 LTC insurance for California public employees, retirees, their spouses, parents, parents-in-law and adult siblings (age 18 and over).
California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS)
1-800-228-5453 Information on retirement planning and benefits for California teachers.
Rates the care at nursing homes, hospice and home health agencies, and provides information on assisted living, retirement communities, and day care options. Also has a “Long Term Care Assistant” tool that uses 10 simple questions to help you choose among your long-term care options.
Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP)
1-800-582-3337 LTC insurance for federal and postal employees, beneficiaries of annuities, members and retired members of the uniformed services, and qualified relatives.
Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program (HICAP)
1-800-434-0222 Free counseling on Medicare and other health-related issues, including LTC and LTC insurance.
Provides tools and information on long-term care planning options and material on Medicaid eligibility for long-term care.
Long Term Care Ombudsman
1-800-231-4024; Sacramento: 916-323-6681 Offers information about nursing homes and resolves problems between nursing homes and residents or their families.
Network of Care
Comprehensive service directory for consumers, community-based organizations and municipal government workers. Provides links to pertinent websites and offers a comprehensive library, political advocacy tool and community message boards.