Kudos to Claire! Her Advocacy Helps Beneficiary Receive Needed Wheelchair

Below is a great account of one of our SMP Liaisons, Claire Pisching, and her quick and skilled advocacy work with a local resident at Sunnyside Glen Senior Apartments. Claire had given a presentation, spoke about Medicare fraud and was able to help one of the residents, Amy receive a very needed new wheelchair. Her past one was old, unreliable and often left her stranded. She had been in tears, not knowing who to turn to for help, and within 1 month Claire helped her receive her new one. Great job, Claire!!!

Claire’s advocacy is one of many examples of the important work our Senior Medicare Patrol provides for beneficiaries throughout California. These volunteers educate, advocate for and empower their peers to receive the quality health care and services they’re entitled to, and help them prevent and detect fraud. A recent Office of Inspector General report reviews the work of 54 SMP programs nationwide.

Below is a more detailed account of Claire’s advocacy written by the resident coordinator, Karen Cosio for her newsletter…


NHE Resident Service Coordinator, Karen Cosio, teamed up with Claire Pisching, Senior Medicare Patrol representative, to assist a resident in getting her electric wheelchair.

Amy’s old chair was worn and very slow. It often stalled for no reason leaving her stranded. Amy’s chair is her lifeline for mobility as she suffers from cerebral palsy. With multiple doctor’s appointments every week she needed a wheelchair that was reliable.

Amy had been trying for six months to get her new wheelchair. She tried two different medical equipment companies but kept getting the run around.

She came to the RSC office in tears asking for help. She explained her situation and stated, “I need my chair to get around. Please help me before the prescription runs out.”

Karen recommended calling Claire for assistance. Amy asked Karen to help her contact Claire for an appointment as her speech is impaired due to her medical condition. A telephone call was placed and Amy had an appointment to meet with Claire the next week.

Claire went to work and within 30 days Amy received her new wheelchair which was better quality and had features not available on her other chair. Amy was ecstatic! She kept saying, “I don’t know what I would have done without you. This is great. I was at my wits end. Thank you so much!”

The team celebrated with Starbuck’s coffee provided by Claire. Karen recommends contacting your local Medicare Patrol with any problems regarding medical equipment and billing. They are a valuable resource!