It’s National Report Health Care Fraud Week!

Did you know the 2nd week in August is National Report Health Care Fraud Week? It was founded by Whistleblower Advocate and Former Department of Justice Attorney, Joel D. Hesch with the purpose of showing the public how to get involved and even obtain a whistleblower reward for reporting Medicare fraud.

The official website provides step-by-step instructions for reporting both private health care fraud and Medicare fraud. You can also report fraud to our California Senior Medicare Patrol at 1-855-713-7080.

Here are a few facts about the Department of Justice (DOJ) reward program paying monetary rewards for reporting Medicare fraud:

  • Whistleblowers receive 15 to 30 percent of the amount DOJ recovers
  • The average Medicare fraud reward is $690,000
  • The highest reward is $150 million
  • DOJ has recovered $34 billion in Medicare fraud brought by whistleblowers
  • DOJ has paid over $4.75 billion in rewards
  • Three-fourths of the government’s fraud cases are DOJ whistleblower reward cases.

For more info, see the article, The 2nd Week in August is National Report Health Care Fraud Week.