Imminent Repeal of ACA & Proposals to Alter Medicare Threaten CA Seniors

January 17, 2017



Letter to the Editor

RE: Imminent Repeal of ACA & Proposals to Alter Medicare Threaten CA Seniors

Dear Editor:


With the imminent repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and threats to alter Medicare, Congress has set the stage to make fundamental changes to how people receive their health care, and especially the ways in which it will be covered.  Many of California’s 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries, seniors and people with disabilities, are very vulnerable and will be seriously affected if the ACA is repealed.  The ACA put into motion several positive improvements in Medicare, such as closing the prescription drug plan’s Part D coverage gap, aka “donut hole”; improving how providers are reimbursed; and saving Medicare millions of dollars by implementing preventive measures to curb fraud, waste and abuse.


California Health Advocates (CHA), a Sacramento based non-profit, has joined with scores of other advocacy organizations to educate legislators on the potential impacts of changes that will adversely hurt California’s Medicare beneficiaries. But we need the public’s help. You can make an impact; support the work of CHA by making a contribution at or calling 916-231-5110 to find out more.


You can also contact your Congress people through the SEIU Health Care Protection Line at 866-426-2631. You’ll be asked to enter your zip code and will be connected to your Congress people. Demand protection of the ACA as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Together we can help protect Medicare and stop the repeal of the ACA.


Thank you for your consideration in sharing this information with your readers.



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Tatiana Fassieux
Board Chair
California Health Advocates

Karen Joy Fletcher

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