How to Take a Better Break ~ A Non-Medicare Tip on Self Care

Do you like taking breaks at work? It’s important, and as advocates, professionals, volunteers, lay people doing good things in the world, taking care of ourselves is an imperative part to keeping our good work and contributions going. But some breaks can refresh and energize us while others can lead us to feel more drained. Here’s a short article with 5 tips for taking a “better break.”  Note: checking phones and email is not one of them, but getting outside in nature is, and so is laughter!

Here’s a quick summary, though the article is also worth the read:

The Gist:

  • Taking good breaks is important for your daily productivity.
  • Breaks reduce fatigue, alleviate boredom, and can restore attention.
  • Using tech during our breaks may backfire and make us more susceptible to boredom and want more breaks, more often.
  • Restorative breaks can improve attention and refresh our focus.
  • Break ideas based on research include:
    • Nature exposure
    • Doodle and daydream
    • Eye exercises – 20/20/20
    • Laugh
    • Brief exercise


Research Reveals How to Take a Better Break



Karen Joy Fletcher

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