H.R. 620 Threatens American Disabilities Act ~ Take Action Today!

H.R. 620 Threatens American Disabilities Act ~ Take Action Today!

The House of Representatives is planning to vote on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Education and Reform Act (H.R. 620) next week. This bill would seriously weaken the ADA by delaying requirements that businesses be accessible to people with disabilities.

Take Action Now! Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 today and ask to be connected to your Representative and urge them to vote NO on H.R. 620.


Below is an action alert and information on the H.R. 620 from our partners, Justice in Aging:

  • The ADA is a critical Civil Rights law that protects the rights of people with disabilities to utilize stores, hotels, doctor’s offices, and other public places.
  • H.R. 620 would fundamentally change the structure of the ADA and would eliminate any reason for businesses to comply with the law unless and until they receive a legal notice detailing the violations that have occurred.
  • It would place the burden of ensuring compliance on people with disabilities rather than on businesses that continue to violate the ADA, more than 25 years after its passage.

Approximately 36% of older adults 65 and over have some type of disability. They, along with every other person with a disability, deserve the right to participate fully in our communities.

A vote on the full House floor is possible by Wednesday (2/14) or Thursday (2/15). Call Now!
Use #HandsOffMyADA on all social media.

For more info, see: Myths and Truths About the “ADA Education and Reform Act” (H.R. 620).

Karen Fletcher
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