Governor Newsom Calls for a Master Plan on Aging

Governor Newsom Calls for a Master Plan on Aging

For years, California Health Advocates along with many senior advocates across the state have been advocating for a master plan to address the socioeconomic needs and demands of our growing and diverse older adult population. Last month we were pleased to see that our new governor, Governor Gavin Newsom, included creating a “Master Plan for Aging” as one of his top three priorities in his State of the State Address.

Let’s talk about something we too often overlook. The Golden State is getting grayer. We need to get ready for a major demographic challenge headed our way. For the first time in history, older Californians will outnumber young children. Over the next decade, our statewide senior population will increase by 4 million. In 25 years, it will double. And more than half will require some form of long-term care… It is time for a new Master Plan on Aging. We’ve deferred it for far too long. It must address person-centered care, the patchwork of public services, social isolation, bed-locked seniors in need of transportation, the nursing shortage and demand for In-Home Supportive Services that far outpaces its capacity.

— Governor Gavin Newsom, 2019 State of the State Address

Here are some other media highlights from Governor Newsom’s address:

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