Good Reasons to Celebrate 50 Years of Medicare

With 2015 being Medicare’s 50th birthday, one of our partner advocacy organizations, Center for Medicare Advocacy, has created 50 insights for celebrating Medicare’s 50th. As Congress is currently debating budget proposals that would significantly change Medicare as we know it, it’s important to keep all the good Medicare provides for 52 million people in the forefront of our minds.

A few of the good highlights pointed out already include:

  • Medicare reduces poverty
  • Medicare saves lives
  • Medicare helps people with disabilities
  • Medicare reflects the heart of American character
  • Medicare beneficiaries are remarkable
  • Medicare helps people with disabilities stay home
  • Medicare helps those with low-incomes have affordable health care coverage

See their section on Medicare’s 50th Anniversary for more information.

Karen Joy Fletcher

Our blogger Karen Joy Fletcher is CHA’s Communications Director. With a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley, she is the online “public face” of the organization, provides technical expertise, writing and research on Medicare and other health care issues. She is responsible for digital content creation, management of CHA’s editorial calendar, and managing all aspects of CHA’s social media presence. She loves being a “communicator” and enjoys networking and collaborating with the passionate people and agencies in the health advocacy field. See her current articles.