Free COVID-19 Tests Available to All U.S. Households

COVID-19, self test packet - 2 boxes

The federal government is again offering free Covid-19 tests to Americans, providing a fifth round of free tests to meet the need as COVID-19 cases are rising and we’re entering the fall and winter seasons. You can visit to request four free tests to be shipped to your home.

The Biden Administration has noted that the at-home tests set to be delivered can detect currently circulating Covid variants. The kits are intended for use through the end of 2023 and will come with instructions for how people can verify if a test’s expiration date has been extended.

Testing is a critical tool for protection and prevention as Covid infections climb again. Yet, Medicare’s coverage for over-the-counter tests ended with the end of the Public Health Emergency on May 11, 2023. Lab PCR tests ordered by a doctor — the traditional method of detecting Covid — are still covered under Medicare Part B at no cost for those with Original Medicare. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, there may be some cost-sharing.  

Order your next batch of 4 free COVID-19 tests today at

For updated information on Medicare coverage for COVID-19, see

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