Fraudulent Health Care Exchange Website Taken Down

We’re happy to report that one of the many bogus websites popping up about the new health care insurance marketplaces was recently shut down. was a bogus website posing to look like the state’s official insurance marketplace site, Covered California ( Yet, it was really just there to collect people’s personal information. We reported it to the California Department of Insurance and they shut it down.

With open enrollment to purchase health insurance in the state’s marketplace beginning on October 1st, many people are starting to research their health plan options. People who just search the web, however, may easily land on such a fake website. (Note: this open enrollment is not to be confused with Medicare’s fall Open Enrollment which is from October 15 – December 7. People with Medicare do NOT need to purchase insurance through the state marketplace; they are already considered covered.)

Unfortunately, when a new complicated law or health program is implemented, fraudsters often take advantage of people’s confusion and develop scams. Bogus websites designed to get people’s personal information, banking account and/or credit card numbers are one of the many scams we’re seeing.

If you come across any such suspicious websites, please let us know and report them to our California Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) at 855-613-7080. Also read our articles: