Farewell & Gratitude to Marta!

marta-1Marta Erismann came to work for California Health Advocates in March of 2005 as our Senior Medicare Patrol Bilingual Outreach Specialist. She is vibrant and passionate in her work, and has traveled statewide educating and empowering California’s diverse beneficiary populations to protect themselves from fraud and be part of the solution to end Medicare fraud through detection and reporting. Marta’s tips and strategies are always helpful, and her funny, real-life stories make her presentations lively and entertaining. Wherever she goes, be it health fairs, conferences, community education events, media interviews or congressional testimonies, her presence draws people in and people love her. Her own passion to make a difference also inspires others to do the same.

Now, after 8 years of dedicated service, Marta is retiring at the end of this month, and starting a new chapter in her life of both rest and adventure. We will miss Marta dearly. Thank you so much for everything, Marta. Please join us bidding her a fond farewell and wishing her very best!


Below are some past articles highlighting Marta and her great work:

Stand Out in Your Outreach: Tips for Success at Health Fairs
How do you stand out amongst the crowd and attract and engage the public? Marta Erismann can tell you.

Successful Strategies in Reaching Hmong Elders: A Case Study in Medicare Fraud Outreach
Marta Erismann and Michelle Lee have teamed together to inform Hmong elders across the state about Medicare fraud. They’ve presented in both Fresno and Sacramento, California’s cities with the 1st and 2nd largest Hmong populations respectively.

Part D Struggles Stimulate Ideas to Overcome Language Barriers

Congressional Testimony of Marta Erismann
Joint Informational Hearing: Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage & the Challenges of Implementation and Status of State Assistance Efforts

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