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Medicare in 2012
Nov 10, 2011 Webinar This webinar covers changes to the Medicare program in 2012; proposals to reform Medicare that were presented last summer and are under consideration by the Super Committee; and current Medicare fraud trends.
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Medicare Fraud Prevention and Health Care Reform
Mar 30, 2011 Webinar Presenters: Julie Schoen, Diane Caradeuc, Peter Bauer.
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How the New Health Law Affects Medicare Beneficiaries
Oct 18, 2010 Presenter: Herb K. Schultz, Regional Director, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Region IX
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The Impact of Health Reform on Medicare
May 5, 2010 Presenters: David Lipschutz, Staff Attorney, and Bonnie Burns, Training & Policy Specialist, CHA
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Medicare Updates 2010: The Landscape of Plans in California and the Upcoming Annual Coordinated Election Period
Nov 10, 2009 Presenter: David Lipschutz, Staff Attorney, CHA
Legislative Update on Bills Regarding Medicare and People With Disabilities
Aug 26, 2009 Speaker: Bryon MacDonald, World Institute on Disability
National Health Care Reform: Where Are We Now?
Jun 2009 Speaker: Randolph T. Boyle, Staff Attorney, National Health Law Program
Update on California’s State Budget & Implications for Health Care
Apr 2009 Speaker: Anthony Wright, Executive Director of Health Access
Highlights from Health Action 2009 National Grassroots Meeting
FEB 2009 Speakers: Elaine Wong Eakin, CHA; Jane Burkman, Health Rights Hotline; Beth Abbott, Health Access; Kevin Prindiville, National Senior Citizens Law Center; Tatiana Fassieux, HICAP
Using Medicare’s Plan Finder Tools and Reviewing Its New Tool Enhancements
NOV 2008 Speaker: Elaine Wong Eakin, Project Manager, CHA
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Medicare Updates: Medicare Enrollment Periods, 2009 California Plan Offerings, Low-Income Issues, New Marketing Rules, and Medicare Fraud and Abuse
Oct 2008 Speakers: David Lipschutz, Staff Attorney and Interim CEO/President, CHA; David Sayen, Regional Administrator, CMS Region IX; Julie Schoen, Senior Medicare Patrol Project Director, CHA; Dawn Heywood, Social Security Administration; Peter Bauer, SHIP Liaison, CMS Region IX
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Update on Medicare: MIPPA, “Medicare Improvement for Patients and Providers Act of 2008” and Situ v. Leavitt
AUG 2008 Speakers: David Lipschutz, Staff Attorney and Interim CEO/President, and Elaine Wong Eakin, Project Manager, CHA.
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Update on Medicare Law: Review of Current and Pending Legislation and Rules
Jun 2008 Speakers: David Lipschutz, Staff Attorney and Interim CEO/President, and Elaine Wong Eakin, Project Manager, CHA
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Public Forum on Medicare and Medi-Cal
May 8, 2008 Speakers: Angela Gilliard, Western Center on Law & Poverty; David Lipschutz, CHA;
Bruce Wagstaff, Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance;
Margaret Reilly, HICAP.
Importance of Language Services: Policy Issues in Advocating for Cultural and Linguistic Access
Feb 2008 Speaker: Ellen Wu, Executive Director or Marty Martinez, Policy Director,
California Pan-Ethnic Health Network
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Medicare Part D: Who regulates What? Federal and State Responsibilities
Apr 2007 Speaker: California Department of Insurance
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Medicare Advantage, Private Fee for Service Plans: Addressing Marketing Abuses
Feb 2007 Speaker: Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Association
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Social Security Administration: Withholdings and Reimbursements related to Medicare
Oct. 2006 Speaker: Social Security Administration
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Requesting Information from Part D Plans: A Look at Transition Policies, Prior Authorization and Exceptions in L.A. County Part D Plans
Jul 2006 Speaker: Center for Health Care Rights
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CMC Medicare Updates
About the CMC…

The CMC holds periodic meetings and statewide conference calls. Every meeting or call features a special presentation addressing an important and timely topic in Medicare by knowledgeable experts on Medicare, managed care and health insurance issues. In addition, representatives from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Social Security Administration are present to share updates and answer questions.

For more info, contact our Operations Manager, Jasmine Suo at 916-231-5110 or .

Some of the agencies currently attending meetings include the following: