Does Your Health Insurance Invest in Fossil Fuels or Green Energy?

insurance invest in fossil fuels pic of tree half dead half vibrant green

Does your insurance company invest in fossil fuels or green energy? Now you can find out and can align your health insurance in a way that not only helps you, but also helps keep our planet a livable place for you, your family and future generations.

Our California Insurance Commissioner, Ricardo Lara just issued a new report and web page this week detailing insurance companies’ investments in fossil fuels as part of his comprehensive effort to protect consumers from the impacts of climate change. The report is the most exhaustive study of fossil fuel investments by insurance companies ever done by any U.S. state. For the first time, the report identifies insurance company holdings in green bonds that support clean energy investments and other environmental projects, helping consumers and the California Department of Insurance measure insurance companies’ progress toward fighting climate change.

Visit the new webpage here. And view the list of insurance companies by clicking on the “2018-2019 Climate Risk Analysis” tab.

Karen Joy Fletcher

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