personal emergency plan; cubes stacked to say "be prepared"

Do You Have a Personal Emergency Plan?

Do you, your loved ones and/or the people you work with have a personal emergency plan? With all the rain, flooding and landslides that have happened in recent storms, resources to help our beneficiaries create an emergency plan are important and essential to have.

Here is a simple Personal Emergency Plan resource in English and Spanish from the California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS). You can also see their website for their comprehensive CalHHS Emergency Resource Guide. The online guide is available in English and Spanish as well, and contains a plethora of tools, prompts, resources and good questions to help create a comprehensive emergency plan.

Some of the topics covered include: development of a personal emergency plan, preparation of an emergency supply kit, a prescription drug guide, a list of mental health services available, social services available for older adults and people with disabilities, health care services and much more.

For more information, view the CalHHS Emergency Resource Guide.

Also, when emergency strikes, such as natural disasters and the recent storms, watch out for scams. See the California Department of Insurance’s webpage for important tips on how to avoid such scams.