Frequently Asked Questions on the CLASS Act

Frequently Asked Questions on the CLASS Act

The CLASS Act, part of the recent health care reform legislation, establishes a national voluntary cash benefit long-term care (LTC) insurance program.  Many of the program details, however, such as when and how people will be able to enroll, what premium amounts will be charged, which federal government agency will administer the program, etc. have yet to be figured out. Because these gaps leave a lot of ambiguity, we created a Frequently Asked Questions about the CLASS Act section on our website to answer some common questions and clarify what we know for certain now and what questions will be answered and by whom in the near future.

Some of the FAQs include:

  • Who is eligible for the CLASS Act LTC insurance program?
  • If I need long-term care insurance now, should I buy it or just wait for the CLASS Act program to begin?
  • What benefit amount will the CLASS Act program pay if I require long-term care?
  • How much will the premiums be and how will they be collected?
  • Do I have to enroll in the CLASS Act program? What if I don’t want to?

See our FAQs on the CLASS Act

See our CLASS Act Summary for more detailed information, and our long-term care section for general information on LTC.

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