CHA Supports AB 2800 (Kalra) – Protecting Our Elders & Dependent Adults (Evidentiary Standard)

AB 2800, holding elder's hand

California Health Advocates recently submitted a letter of support for AB 2800 (Kalra). This bill provides:

  • Prevention of Elder Abuse: AB 2800 aims to prevent physical abuse of elderly and dependent adults by providing consistent civil enforcement of the Elder Abuse Act. By establishing a clear and consistent evidentiary standard of proof for elder and dependent adult physical abuse and neglect cases, the bill strengthens legal protections for vulnerable populations.
  • Protection Against Neglect: AB 2800 expands the definition of neglect to better protect elder and dependent adults living in long-term care facilities with a duty of care. By broadening the scope of neglect, the bill enhances safeguards for vulnerable individuals who may be at risk of inadequate care or treatment.
  • Accountability: By strengthening civil enforcement mechanisms and expanding protections against elder abuse and neglect, AB 2800 promotes accountability among caregivers, facilities, and individuals responsible for the care of elderly and dependent adults. This fosters a culture of transparency, responsibility, and respect for the rights and dignity of vulnerable populations.

Overall, AB 2800 represents a critical step towards enhancing legal protections for elderly and dependent adults, preventing abuse and neglect, and promoting their well-being and safety. Therefore, CHA actively supports its passage and implementation to ensure that vulnerable individuals receive the care and respect they deserve.

Read the letter and fact sheet for more details.

Karen Joy Fletcher

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