Celebrating California Native American Day – Sept 22nd

California Native American Day

Join us in celebrating the richness, resiliency, contribution and legacies of our state’s Native American tribes past, present and future. California Native American Day, which falls on the 4th Friday in September, celebrates the distinctive culture of the Native American people indigenous to California and calls attention to their triumphs and struggles that comprise their rich history. This year’s California Native American Day on Friday September 22 marks the 56th annual celebration with the theme “Protecting Our People Through Sovereignty: Past, Present and Future.”

California designated the fourth Friday of September as California Native American Day to dismantle the misconceptions about California Indians. Previously, students throughout the state were educated to believe California history began with the arrival of the first explorers and lacked a fundamental understanding of Native American’s existing society. Native populations across the country were seen as primitive and were too often associated with stereotypes like teepees and drums.

Yet, in collaboration with many tribes, education in K-12 schools and community colleges has since evolved to entail the extensive history of the many tribal groups in California. Many tribes, such as the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, have extensive programs and conferences each year on California Native American Day to continue educating our communities.

Join us in celebrating our state’s Native American tribes, the original civilizations, caretakers, stewards and cultural holders of these lands for time immemorial.

If you’re in the San Bernardino area, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians co-hosts a plethora of cultural events/celebration in collaboration with Cal State San Bernardino on September 22. They also have virtual programs for those in other areas.

If you’re close to the state capitol in Sacramento, come join in the celebration from 10a – 2p on the west steps of the Capitol.

Karen Joy Fletcher

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