CDA Solicits Comments on California’s State Plan on Aging

CDA Solicits Comments on California’s State Plan on Aging

Passionate about healthy aging issues in California? If so, you can get involved! And one simple way is through reviewing and submitting your comments on the California Department of Aging’s (CDA) draft of their California State Plan on Aging – 2017-2021.

The plan is posted on their website at The CDA encourages seniors, adults with disabilities, their caregivers and organizations that serve them to review this draft plan and complete the survey. The draft State Plan outlines specific goals, objectives, and strategies. Please submit your comments via the survey by May 31, 2017.

Karen Fletcher
Our blogger Karen J. Fletcher is CHA's publications consultant. She provides technical expertise, writing and research on Medicare, health disparities and other health care issues. With a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley, she serves in health advocacy as a trainer and consultant. See her current articles.

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