CalPERS Update #14: Court Could File Final Order by Late September

CalPERS, courtroom hammer and scales

By Bonnie Burns, Policy and Training Specialist

If you are a member of the CalPERS Long Term Care Class Action lawsuit, you should have received a detailed letter in the last month or two that informed you of the settlement and how it applies to you. The Court gave final approval to the settlement, fees and costs, and other matters on July 28th, but the settlement is not yet completely final. If no one appeals this settlement, then the Court could sign the final order on September 28th and distribution could proceed. 

Until the Court signs the final order, any CalPERS member who requested a refund of 80% of their premium must have paid and continue to pay their existing premium in order to maintain their right to that refund. Following the final order by the Court later this month, class members should begin to receive notification from the Administrator and information about any refunds that apply to them. You must continue to pay your premium until the final order is signed by the Court.

California Health Advocates will continue to provide information as it becomes available.

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