Billing & Claims


Regardless of what type of health coverage you have, it is important to keep a record of medical visits, treatment and providers involved in your care, as well as all billing-related paperwork.

Here, we’ve compiled information to help you stay organized, keep records and file claims. You’ll also find an explanation of how Medicare fee-for-service claims are processed and how Medicare billing works with Medigap (supplemental insurance) or retiree plans.

In this section:

  1. How Your Medicare Part A & B Claims Are Processed

    Learn how Medicare-coverage claims are processed when you have Original fee-for-service Medicare, Medigap (supplemental insurance) or a retiree plan.

  2. Organizing Your Medical Bills

    Tips to keep track of the paperwork associated with your medical care.

  3. Instructions for Completing Your Health Insurance Claims Record

    Review an easy way to summarize all your bills and payments for your personal files.

  4. Resources

    Helpful fact sheets and websites about Medicare billing and claims, and resources for assistance.