Beware of Offers for “Free” Foot Spas

A free foot spa? Sounds pretty good, huh?  Yet, according to the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI), this is a new Medicare scam and is exactly what some telemarketing scammers are offering to Medicare Part D beneficiaries. Beneficiaries who say yes are given a doctor’s prescription that instructs on the mixing of antibacterial and/or anti-fungal medications with water for soaking one’s feet. This is a questionable practice, and for most beneficiaries, such a medicated foot soak/spa is both medically unnecessary and has the potential to cause harm.

If you or someone you know is offered a “free” foot spa, say no, hang up, and report the incident to our California Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) at 1-855-613-7080. Remember, any offer for “free” services covered by Medicare is a red flag, and Medicare does not cover “foot spas”.