82 Year Old Beneficiary Catches Medicare Fraud on Video

Last week an 82 year old grandmother caught her doctor committing fraud. With a hidden camera, Doris Ace of Texas, filmed her doctor’s visit where she clearly articulates that she is healthy and active. Despite some hypertension and arthritis, she is in good health and feeling great.

Yet, contrary to her relatively clean bill of health, she was diagnosed as homebound, having a whole host of ailments that she does not have, including Type 2 diabetes. Such diagnosis opens the door for her providers to potentially bill Medicare for tens of thousands of dollars in home health care services, supplies and equipment she does not need.

While federal authorities in Texas are currently investigating this case, Ms. Ace demonstrates the radical and important role each beneficiary can play in protecting their Medicare benefits and the integrity of the Medicare program.

Read ABC’s news article for more info on this case. See our Medicare Fraud section for more information on how to prevent, detect and report fraud, and also how to become a volunteer with your local Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) project. California’s SMP has over 450 volunteers statewide.