Be Wary of Home Visit Offers to Help Apply for Benefits or Explain Medicare Changes

We’ve been getting more Medicare scam reports. If you, your family or clients encounter any of the the 3 recent scams discussed below or any others, please contact our Senior Medicare Patrol at 855-613-7080.

  • Scam #1: A person calls a beneficiary saying, “Hi. I’m from Medicare. I would like to explain the new Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) and would like to come to your house to talk with you about it.” While Medicare would never call and ask to come to your house, many beneficiaries have unfortunately fallen for this. These scam artists once in a person’s home will ask for their Medicare information.
  • Scam #2: A person calls a beneficiary saying, “I’m a certified caseworker and would like to connect you with any home-health care or other support services for which you may be eligible. When would be a good time to come to your home and discuss this with you?” Once in a beneficiary’s home, these scammers ask for all sorts of info, such as banking account numbers and their Medicare numbers. Unfortunately people have been giving the scammers this info thinking they will help them, but of course, they don’t.
  • Scam #3: A woman in Yolo County is calling beneficiaries claiming to be an”expert in Medi-Cal,” and offers beneficiaries a free 1-hour consultation in their homes. Once in a beneficiary’s home, she asks to see copies of their deeds, trusts, wills, Medicare info and anything else she thinks will be valuable to her. While the District Attorney in Yolo County is investigating this case now, other scammers may also be using similar schemes as this woman.
Again, we strongly beneficiaries not to give out any personal information over the phone to people they don’t know and certainly not to strangers who invite themselves to and or come to their homes. If you have any scams to report, contact SMP at 855-613-7080. See our Medicare Fraud section for more info on fraud.