Here’s what people we work with have to say about California Health Advocates:

Robert M.

I am writing this letter because I have been struggling with my aging parents health care. Trying to navigate through Medicare , Medical, and secondary insurances , has been the most difficult thing to deal with. Frankly, it is overwhelming and confusing. In trying to do what’s best for my parents health care I made bad decisions and mistakes. I was given the number to HICAP/PASSAGES and was blessed to speak with Tatiana Fassieux. Her expertise , knowledge and Ability to explain to me what to do was an incredible , emotional relief. HICAP/PASSAGES Organization provides a necessary service. Tatiana Fassieux and Sandy Morales’ ability to navigate through Medicare and help our elderly population is a necessity. I do not know how to emphasize how important this organization is. I was also provided with valuable resource numbers to further help me care for my elderly parents. HICAP/PASSAGES Organization, Tatiana Fassieux and Sandy Morales, who are both also with CHA and SMP, have made my parents whole and I am forever grateful.
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— George F.

“I am 72 years old, receiving SSB as my sole source of income. Starting June 2018, I will be receiving Medicare benefits, in addition to basic Medical coverage. Your website provided me with all the necessary information I needed, in order to understand how Medicare-Medical work together to maximize my benefits. Thank you so much…!!!”
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— Phil R.

“I wish to take this opportunity to express a heartfelt thank you for your fine work through your office and Pam Brown’s that enabled me to retrieve my Medicare insurance that was inadvertently canceled may my insurer in error. Just received my medical card today. We are so relieved. A lovely lady with Medicare gave me the HICAP number and through another very nice lady (Muriel Smalheiser) I was able to speak with Pam who contacted you at California Health Advocates. I am so grateful to all of you, as my wife who is very ill battling a rare cancer, as sick as she was, tried to assist me in my application during the open conversion period, would have been disastrous for me not to have coverage. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your caring and your fine work.”
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— Alana M.

“California Health Advocates provided tremendous assistance to me as I assisted my 93 year old father to change his medicare coverage.  It was a cumbersome process for me and CHA made prompt insurance contacts for me so that I could complete the application process within the deadline. They also overcame obstacles to my father getting the coverage he was entitled to.  In addition, the training and technical assistance CHA provides to HICAP is invaluable.”  
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— Marcy B

“In January, my doctor sent a claim to Medicare for a walking boot which I needed for a medical condition. Medicare denied the claim even though the boot was a covered item. Since the doctor was not paid, he insisted that I pay $284.85 out of pocket, which I paid, however I was sure this was not a fair practice.

I brought my case to the California Senior Medicare Patrol and Sandy Morales, Complex Case Manager, worked on the issue for several months. She was an intermediary between Medicare and my doctor and after several conversations, she was able to convince the doctor to re-submit the claim for the boot, along with the appropriate documentation indicating medical necessity.

Bottom line: in September, Medicare paid the doctor for the valid claim and the doctor reimbursed me for the full $284.85.

Thank you Sandy and Senior Medicare Patrol for being such a strong advocate for a grateful Medicare beneficiary.”

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— Sharon

“Thank you for listening to me…. I will always be grateful that you cared and also that you have helped a lot of other people when you worked so hard to change the injustice that was done to a lot of our seniors.”
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