Morgan Grabau

Morgan Grabau

SMP Statewide Volunteer Manager

5380 Elvas Avenue, Suite 221
Sacramento, CA 95819

Morgan Grabau has nine years of proven experience of volunteer recruitment, cultivation, management and retention, as well as strategic planning and support of programming and operational goals. She has expertise in nonprofit and program management and has partnered with federal, state and local agencies, as well as companies in the private sector. With over a decade of event management experience, Morgan has recently served as the Deputy Director and Education Program Director for a nonprofit offering continuing education credits.

At California Health Advocates, Morgan is responsible for managing and coordinating multiple Senior Medicare Patrol projects and volunteers. She plays a crucial role in developing and implementing recruitment ideas and strategies, screening, training, and managing our SMP volunteers, working collaboratively with statewide partners, and maintaining volunteer retention and recognition. 

In addition, Morgan is a lifelong animal lover and has volunteered at local animal shelters as well as veterinary offices over the last 10 years. She has also volunteered with a nonprofit organization that pairs hard to adopt shelter dogs with teenagers in a detention facility in order to provide both training for the dogs and bonding with the youth.