Diane Caradeuc

CMS Liaison

Email: dcaradeuc@cahealthadvocates.org

Diane Caradeuc joined the Senior Medicare Patrol program as our Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Liaison in the fall of 2010. Diane brings 30 years of government experience, having worked for both the Social Security Administration and CMS. During that time she held a number of analyst and management positions, including the position of Associate Regional Administrator for Medicare Financial Management. Throughout her tenure at CMS she was involved with the San Francisco region’s Program Integrity activities, and received honorable recognition from both the CMS Administrator and Health and Human Services Secretary for the work she and her team did on fighting healthcare fraud.

Prior to her government career, Diane was an elementary school teacher. In her free time she volunteers with a number of organizations, including the homeless transitional housing project in her community and HICAP. She is both a registered HICAP Counselor and Community Educator. Diane received her BA and teaching certificate from San Francisco State University and her Masters of Public Administration from the East Bay State University.