2-Minute Video Highlights 3 Fraud Schemes to Avoid

This is an important 2-minute video outlining the high danger health care scams pose on consumers. It reviews 3 main ways scammers are reaching out:

  1. Bogus websites that gather your private info
  2. Phone calls saying they’ll help you sign up for a new health care plan, or offer you some limited offer deal
  3. In-person visits where they’ll knock on your door to “help sign you up” for a plan.

All these fraud scams capitalize on the confusion around the Affordable Care Act. Please watch and share this short video to help people avoid such scams. Also, visit our Medicare Fraud section for more info on health care fraud.

Medicare beneficiaries with questions about Medicare and Covered California (our state’s health care marketplace) can see our recent article: FAQs on Medicare and Covered California.