12 Million Unclaimed Stimulus Checks ~ Must Be Claimed by Oct 15, 2020

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provided economic impact payments to individuals up to $1,200 to help dampen the impact of the economic fallout of COVID-19. Most people have already received their payments via direct deposit, check, or prepaid debit cards.

But 12 million people who need this financial support and are eligible for the stimulus payments could miss out unless they take action by October 15. Will you help us reach them?

This group of people, who do not typically file tax returns, includes very low-income families with children, people who have been disconnected from work opportunities for a long period, and many low-income older adults not raising children in their home. A simple IRS form they may not know about stands between them and their much-needed stimulus funds.

Through their Get It Back project, our partners at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities have some simple, effective tools to help spread the word and alert people to fill out the IRS’s “Non-Filers” Form. You can help by taking action to spread the word about the October 15, 2020 deadline for non-filers to complete the IRS form to receive their Economic Impact Payment (EIP). Their Get It Back website has flyers, press release templates, FAQs, and additional outreach tools.

People trying to get their EIP, or “stimulus check” can go here: https://www.eitcoutreach.org/tax-filing/coronavirus/coronavirus-stimulus-checks/

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